Mitolo “Cantiniere” Shiraz 2014, or, My BFG

I’ve been going through a bit of a McLaren Vale Shiraz phase of late and, if there’s one thing I’ve realised about them, it’s that they don’t play well with others. That is especially the case with this one. The first time I drank it after a different red wine I was generally underwhelmed. It was capable of eliciting a solid “meh” out of me, but not much more.

A second time around, I was far more convinced. It had the fruit – the delicious brambly blackberry flavours (we knew it would have that) – but it was the overriding savoury aspects of this wine that really appealed and added depth. It was herbaceous underneath – some thyme layered in there – and there was a sprinkling of dark chocolate in the mix. Some aspects of it were even reminiscent of light coffee if I’m feeling a bit weird about it.

So if I had to compare this wine to anything it would be to the BFG. At first it can appear rambunctious. A little unorthodox even. But by giving it the time and space it deserves (decant for at least an hour), it will become much more approachable. After a few decent mouthfuls I’m confident you’ll come to embrace all of those eccentricities and find it scrumdiddlyumptious. And I’m not gobblefunking around with words when I say that…

I’m only sorry to say that, much like our friendly giant, the RRP for this guy is a little weighty. But a certain website (not sure why I’m being coy – it was Vinomofo) did it for a steal at $21 and I can highly recommend it at that price.

Price: $68 ($21 from Vinomofo)

Cognitive Bias: Glass half full

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